is a darkly funny corporate bullshit puzzle game on STEAM. Greedy CEO tasked you to hack Santa’s computer to rewrite everyone's wishes to the company’s discount coupons or get fired. But the computer is protected by a very rude AI which is willing to cross any lines to stop you.In a series of single-room puzzles created by the AI, both your intellect and your morality will be tested. As a typical corporate rat you’ll have to figure out how to take credit for work you didn’t do, take advantage of your coworkers, manipulate and sacrifice them for your own gain, and lose all your remaining dignity to get to that secret list that will make your boss rich. Or maybe not.Coffee will naturally play an important role. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even attend one of those endless meetings or climb the corporate ladder by sucking up to your boss. Just like in any corporation, you’ll have to endure a lot. The AI won’t hesitate to demoralize you any chance it’ll get.NOTE: If you’re easily offended or generally stupid, this might not be the game for you.


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